Thomas Olssen

Sergio, just a short note thanking you for sending me your beautiful album. I agree with what you are saying in the liner notes, I really miss the age of going to record shops and being surrounded by physical albums, carefully selecting one or two, partly by the packaging. So, kudos to the designer! Musically, I loved the fact that you made the album like a journey through your life, like a musical autobiography. Even though you have one of your first compositions on the album, it still fits very well and together with the other songs, taking in pop, rock, blues, jazz, a bit of reggae, soul and world music (for want of a better word) it holds together so well. It’s not only well played and sung, but it’s done in a way that sounds alive and inspired. And although I am not a lyrics person, I enjoyed reading the lyrics as I listened to the album. That got me deeper into the autobiographical feel of the album and made the music richer. At least for this listener. Thank you for sending this to me, very appreciated!

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